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Troubling Entendres
by Titus Corleone
Warrior Poet
by Titus Corleone
TITUS CORLEONE served in the military and saw combat in three conflicts. He went on to serve our domestic security forces, and today, advises panels of doctors, police, and researchers on technology and security. He has traveled the world – not to tourist destinations, but to areas of conflict. He has traversed regions deadly for Americans to be in, and has seen the most horrific sprawling poverty on the planet. In short, Titus has witnessed exactly what we do not want in America. 

Today, he has dedicated himself to reaching the American people through writing, poetry, and social media. Some of his efforts are purely fictional, but the greater body of his work is dedicated to alerting America to the dangers emerging within our own borders.

Titus is a Christian patriot – and the harbinger of death to America’s enemies. Please help him spread the word through his innovative writings, which approach the greatness of his heroes: Dean Koontz, Brad Thor, and Tom Clancy.
We do everything better than the Left. Christian conservatives are better Lovers, fighters, parents and friends. We are God’s people, and thanks to the common sense he gave us, we understand the world better. Troubling Entendres is a ménage of poems about the world we live in today – signifying that we do life better!y.
I will no longer turn the other cheek. I believe Jesus meant that instruction for the Apostles anyway – not us! I am on the track of Elijah, King David, and Charlemagne. It is time for Christians in America, Europe, and the middle east to fight. Warrior Poet is my proverbial “line in the sand” to those who would destroy us…
"The mind of the wise tends toward the right, but the mind of the fool toward the left."

Ecclesiastes 10:2