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Understanding the War on America

by Titus Corleone on 07/17/16


There can be no mistake about this.  This war on our Police is really a War on America, and it began at the very top.  In 2008, a slight majority of Americans put a Post-Colonial Progressive Marxist in the White House…  Obama is a man who truly detests white people, police officers, and American military might.  He has done everything but openly support the shooters.  He as aligned himself with the Black Lives Matter Racists.  He is clearly sympathetic with the Black Panthers, who are another group of black supremacists.  It is also important to note that Obama and the Clintons caused the crisis in the Middle East, and Obama and Hilary both appear to be Jihadist supporters.  They see absolutely no problem with importing millions of potential Muslim fighters into our neighborhoods.

So how did this dangerous man, Barack Obama, get into the White House?  The pathetic answer is the Elite Republican Leadership put him there.  The only reason Obama is our president is because a bunch of COMPROMISED Republican senators and congressman took over the party (with the help of the Democrats) during the Bill Clinton years, and by the time George Bush Jr. got into office, most of the GOP leadership was secretly under the control of Democrat Opposition Research.  In short, the GOP has been run by Straw Men for 20 years…

By the 2008, Conservatives knew John McCain was not a good choice.  Sarah Palin was all he had going for him, and McCain hated it and quietly directed his own campaign staff to set her up and discredit her, and that madness cost him the election.  When conservatives saw how horribly McCain was running the campaign, millions of them stayed home on Election Day.  After McCain was trounced by an unknown Obama; a man with zero executive experience…  key GOP Public Relations liars tried to blame McCain’s defeat on some “Phantom Hispanic Vote” that was ostensibly lost because the party was, “too conservative…”  That lie never stuck though. The truth is the Republicans lost in 2008 because a huge number of the GOP base was furious with George Bush and the party leadership, and couldn’t stand John McCain. And they refused to vote rather than support another weak, compromised, corporate elitist. 

Now we move up to the election in 2012.  The very same compromised GOP Defeatist Leadership did it again.  They fixed the primary and fronted up another Straw Man (Romney/Ryan) and 8 million conservatives stayed home again on Election Day.  That is how we ended up with Muslim Sympathizer and Black Supremacist in the White House for 8 years.

Today, we are living in a world where the wolves are running the Hen House.  The heroes are supposed to be the Republicans, but most of them are remote-controlled by Democrat operatives - because the DNC has big fat folders on dozens of GOP leaders that are full of documents, videos, and pictures detailing their disgusting behavior since they got to Capitol Hill.  These GOP elitists are not Christians.  They are not Conservatives.  They are not Patriots.  They are compromised Straw Men, pure, plain, and simple, and many of them hate Donald Trump because he threatens their cozy life in the halls of power.

If Hilary Clinton is elected president, we can be certain that she will continue in Obama’s footsteps – or maybe even worse…  Probably worse.  America will descend into chaos, and our neighborhoods will be irreparably peppered with Muslim Fighters and hoards of immigrants from nations that hate us and are here to suck up every freebie, handout, and job they can get their hands on.

Be you white, black, brown or gray…  liberal or conservative, gay or straight…  America has one last chance, and one chance only:  DONALD TRUMP.  If we fail to elect him, Hilary will finish changing the demographics in our nation so no man or woman who is even remotely conservative will ever have a chance of winning an election.  That is it, so my call to every Republican, Independent, and Democrat that still has Survival Instinct, is to vote for Donald Trump. 

If Donald Trump loses, and my words become prophesy, then I want you to remember what I have written here as the nation crumbles and our many enemies celebrate the ruination of our freedoms and way of life.

Titus Corleone



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