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To Trump Debate Coaches and Policy Advisors

by Titus Corleone on 10/02/16

Dear Trump Staff,

I am a blogger with over 10,000 readers.  I am also well acquainted with politics and economics.  I am a devout supporter of Donald Trump and have written this post to assist you with ideas that will help Mr. Trump win the debates and the election.  Please take this seriously.

In the first debate huge opportunities were lost. There is a way to take the high road while simultaneously exposing Hilary on her abject corruption and incompetence.  Following are a few zingers he should have been prepared with, and why his debate prep coaches missed them, we’ll never know, but I advise you that if Mr. Trump goes into the next debate as unprepared as the last one, the election will be lost…

1.       Achieving Prosperity:  Madam Secretary said she wants to build an economy that works for everyone… Perhaps she could explain how she left the White House nearly broke, and parlayed that into a Quarter Billion Dollar empire in 8 years – selling nothing and producing no products or services…  Perhaps she could tell all of us how to get our own Clinton Foundations going…


2.       The Great Recession and Housing Crash of 2008: Madam Secretary said that Tax Policies, Wall Street, and failing to invest in the middle class created the Great Recession of 2008.  I think she left out a few minor details…  One would be The Community Reinvestment Act or (CRA.)  It was written into law during the Jimmy Carter era, but put on steroids by the Clinton's in the late 1990’s.  The CRA forced bankers to scrap long-standing Loan Qualification Standards, and banks were basically forced by the federal government to provide loans to everyone, regardless of income.  These were Sub-Prime loans, and they were foisted upon the American Tax Payer because CRA required they be federally insured.  This put the American tax payer on the hook for one more disastrous government plan, and when the recession did hit millions of Americans with Sub-Prime loans were unable to make their payments.  They defaulted, and that caused the 2008 crash.  Many of those people had no business taking the loans in the first place, but I say a better way to help them would be to build a powerhouse economy; taking advantage of America’s huge natural resources; which would provide millions of high-paying, stable jobs.  Another notion would be to create a 5 Year Tax Credit for companies opening businesses in impoverished areas.  Another Idea would be to use Immanent Domain to purchase some of the large tracts of abandoned properties in economically depressed areas and offer a range of tax breaks, regulation breaks, and deferments for companies to come in and development them …

3.       Alternative Energy:  158 Billion tax dollars were thrown away by Obama on Alternative Energy schemes.  Crony Capitalism played a huge role in the federal government financing those failed green ventures.  Solindra, Amonix, The Solar Trust, Bright Source, LSP Energy, Abound Solar, Sun Power are just a few.  However, there is great hope on the horizon with hot fusion, and many labs around the world report progress with Cold Fusion.  In the interim, Natural Gas, Shale Oil, Coal, Hydro, and Geo-thermal can make America completely energy independent and provide millions of high paying jobs.  Finally, we should demand a national moon shot to finally crack the riddle of hot and cold fusion!  The only way to find out if they are viable is large scale R&D backed by the federal government, and we could consider this a strategic investment.

4.       Cyber Security:  Your response to Hilary should have been: “Madam Secretary, I do not see how you can stand there lecturing the American People on Cyber Security when you directed that an amateur private Email Server be constructed and hidden in your bathroom closet; that you routed thousands of top secret State Department communiques through – exposing them to our enemies and the world…”

There are dozens of great ideas that Mr. Trump could advance as general policy or in the debates.  They are factual, and based on good data that is verifiable.  Mr. Trump cannot afford another debate like the first one.  He missed huge opportunities, such as the one on Cyber Security.  He needs to have these zingers ready, and to do that he simply must drill, drill, drill.  He must aggressively take apart each and every part of Hilary’s lies, and to do that he must know the issues.

It would also help a lot if the morons at the RNC stopped placing GOP candidates in shooting galleries with avowed liberals guaranteed to help Hilary in any way they can.

I hope you will use this information to assist Mr. Trump in winning this election.

Best Regards

Titus Corleone


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