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The Truth

by Titus Corleone on 08/28/16

To know the truth you have to read lengthily.  Politics is just too complicated for the average American, so read damn it!  The future of America depends on you being informed to you will vote for our country and not for yourself...  I’ve condensed this for the uninformed low-information voter as much as is possible, but it is up to you to read this very stark warning.  Open your eyes and read…

Hilary, the Clintons, and the Democrat party are building Mordor.  Be you a union worker, government employee, teacher, corporate cube pod drone, or unemployed; you must see the horrible future they are forging for you.  It is a dark aristocracy composed of powerful elites at the top; a few favorites at the middle; and legions of distracted, struggling, and disaffected at the bottom – a massive lower class with no hope of ever making it inside (if they are out) or up (if they are at the bottom.)

 Union workers are allowed good salaries if they keep their mouths shut, but their Democrat owned union bosses are helping the DNC to wreck the very economic conditions necessary for unions to thrive (thus the declining membership.)  The union bosses want millions of cheap union laborers from outside our borders.  These low-wage foreign workers are running everything for American workers.  Insult to injury, the Democrat controlled Environmental Movement is destroying the economic conditions necessary for the middle class to survive.  They are raising the price of everything from the EpiPen to lumber to Automobiles, and driving tens of thousands of companies out of business.

Government workers have jobs most would kill for.  However, those jobs require a strong and vibrant middle class to fund their agencies, department, and positions.  Democrat policies are destroying the middle class and creating a much smaller elite upper class, but that will not be enough to sustain massive government.  They have racked up 130 Trillion in Federal, State, and local debt that will soon cause the federal government to default, and along with that goes tens of thousands of government jobs (along with much of our Police, Fire, and Paramedic services.)

Many super corporations, such as the Mass Media, pretend to be informing us of the news.  However, they have struck a deal with the Devil.  They have combined forces to fund the Democrats; fund the Clinton Foundation; fund Hilary and Billy Jeff, but their interests are in forging a massive lower class with only a few elites at the top.  Some of these corporate Elites may have an  “R” after their name, but they all dance to the same piper: The Democrat Party…  And their aim is simply to stay in power.  Donald Trump threatens the Republican Elites as well as the Democrat/Progressive elites and they have combined forces with the media to destroy him, and maintain their power structure.

The most pathetic of us are the unemployed.  First they wrecked the economy to make millions lose their jobs and homes.  Then they have forged a massive 40 Million strong lower class who are basically like Plantation Slaves.  The Democrats have created one giant one-stop soup kitchen for them, complete with food allocations, horrible living quarters, cell phones, and small amounts of free money.  Their plan is to keep this massive cohort on the dole, high, drunk, and sexed up - like a dependant junkies – so they’ll keep voting for handouts.  It is the promise of a lifetime of slavery.

Donald Trump is hated by the elites in both parties.  He is hated by the media. He is hated by the Fortune 500, the Multi-Nationals, the Hedge Fund elites and Money Managers…  Why?  Because all of the aforementioned belong to the Democrat Party (the party of division.)  Trump wants to dismantle their New World Order.  He hopes to stop them from flooding the nation with cheap labor and Sharia Muslims.  He wants to break the iron grip of the EPA and elite Environmentalists on our productivity.  He wants to create a Main Street America where all of us have the chance to do what he did: take a small business loan and turn it into an incredible enterprise.

If you hold the delusional belief that Hilary’s America has your best interests at heart, think again.  She is probably the most evil woman on the face of the planet.  Trump does not have a politicians polish, but his plan for us is righteous.  His plan is for main Street; for opportunity and hope.  America will never recover if Hilary is elected.  So make your choice, but now you can’t say you were not warned.

Titus Corleone

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