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The Blue Pill of the Red Pill

by Titus Corleone on 09/11/16

America is in extreme danger.  And if you are thinking Democrat vs. Republican, Liberal vs. Conservative, or brown vs. white – then you are hopelessly mired on a two-dimensional plane.  What you do not understand is this is exactly where they want you: distracted and not looking very deep into anything except your phone, television, and computer screen.

The Left (not Liberals) is the enemy.  Leftists have an insatiable thirst for power and they know that the road to power is in dividing people.  They divide people with the cause.  Any cause will do, and they are more talented than Leonardo Di Vinci at convincing people to join their causes.  They now control most the media and what we are facing this year is not a general election; it is a war between he Democrat Mass Media Complex – and the American People…

They promised you to use the power of government to right all wrongs and take care of you from cradle to grave – but they are lying to you.  No nation on earth can afford to do that and it will lead to complete and utter collapse of our economic system, when they are destroying. They rail against self-sufficiency, innovation, and personal freedom.  They want you wrapped up in causes and your head buried in your phone, and your life so busy that you will never think of taking the time to access all the information of mankind, which is right at your fingertips – so as to discover the truth about them.  The truth about them is this: they want to destroy western civilization (with America being the heart of the bull’s-eye) and then, they will remake it in their own image – which will be hell for all of us…

Do you want to know the truth?  Do you want to know if I am lying to you?  You have already taken the Blue Pill.  All the things I mentioned above are the Blue Pill.  However, there is hope.  It is never too late to take the Red Pill. Do you want to take the Red Pill and learn the truth? 

Read two books. 

First:  Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky…  Take note of who he dedicated it to.  He affirms what I said above about the Left’s Master Plan to ruin western civilization. 

Second: Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin. He masterfully lays out the case for America as a shinning beacon for the rest of the world.

Once you read these two books you will be forced to make a decision.  Remain enslaved to useless dithers on all your electrical devices and fiddle while the Left destroys America – or you can realize that millions of Americans have been put to sleep by popular culture while a pack of wolves encircles...

I work in a federally funded clinic.  Several of my colleagues sincerely believe the Democrat Party has all their interests at heart, and they feel they owe everything to them.  However, the truth is that the Democrats (who are really Leftists) have been implementing disastrously expensive spending on clinics, programs, and other revenue disbursement machines.  They are spending trillions of our dollars to build these enslaving institutions  all across with America with one idea in mind: Financially overwhelming government in order to bring about its collapse.  Your reaction might be complete disbelief, but it makes perfect sense once you know their plan; and their plan is to completely collapse our society so they can assume control and create on giant mono-class (a very poor mono-class) with little freedom or hope – but they will be at the top running everything.

Saul Alinsky wrote the Left’s game plan, but another incredibly evil couple, Cloward and Piven wrote the their instruction book and how to assemble the doomsday bomb that will destroy America in its present form.  It was ignited 8 years ago, and soon it will bring all us complete disaster.  Read, “Breaking the System” once you realize how important it is for you to know more…

There is only one hope left for us, but so many forces are arrayed against this glowing little ember.  Donald Trump is it.  He is all we have left to stop this and turn it around.  He is all that stands between us and the financial collapse of America.  The Corporations hate him. The Hedge Funds hate him. The Republican Elite hate him, and the Left plans to destroy him if we allow it.  If Hilary Clinton wins, she will put Barack Obama’s disaster policies on steroids and America will never recover from that...

Like I said to my friend at the clinic, “If you think  your people will be better off if American crumbles, you have no idea how miserable your existence will be.”  American is the best thing that ever happened to the world since the dawn of civilization, and the wolves hate her.  They are encircling.  All of us are in danger.

Learn the truth.  Take the Red Pill.  Help us save America and Western Civilization. 

Titus Corleone

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