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Shadow Gate explains everything

by Titus Corleone on 08/29/20

 ShadowNet Explains Everything…

What if I told you there is a shadow network of private companies that have complete access to every byte of electronic information on the internet.

This includes all the data collected in every server in the government’s defense intelligence networks. They are mining this data with the aim of manipulating everything that is happening in America today. The two political parties are not evil, per say, but merely pawns of this network of dark global forces.

These “Intelligence Contractors” have such vice grip control over our electronic information that they can affect the outcome of trials, intimidate citizens, blackmail politicians, and even murder people at will.

McCain, Hilary, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump are just a few of the thousands of victims these monsters manipulate to shape our elections, change the way we live, alter the way we think, in an effort to eventually change the entire world into their terrifying image.

All of us have three choices

1. You can tell yourself that you do not have any ability to resist these forces and just bury your head in the sand and hope for the best.

2. Many more Americans take the easy path. They are simply clapping seals for this cause or that (true believers) intent on remaining useful idiots for these monsters without ever realizing what they are really doing. The result will be disastrous to all our futures and lead to the end of freedom.

3. The final option is the only good one. We become so well informed, that we gain a working knowledge of what is being done to us. We then equip ourselves with information that we can share with others – leading to a broad coalition of resistance to these forces - which seek to alter everything in our lives for the worst.

Below is a link to a video on a private server. It was scrubbed from YouTube and Facebook for Hate Speech, but I challenge you to watch it and tell us where the “hate speech” is. Since then, a thousand websites embedded it, and they are all highly secure. The orientation of each site is meaningless. What is important is the video itself. Please forget the host sites and just watch this crucial video, Shadow Gate.

If you have ever thought, there could be a shadow network manipulating every aspect of our society (including our elections) a force pulling the strings and levers behind the scenes – there is… Both our political parties have fallen prey to them.

Millie Weaver is an investigative reporter who was arrested for posting this expose’ on Facebook and YouTube. Both quickly scrubbed the video claiming it contained hate speech. Since then, a thousand sights have picked her video up so the world can be informed.

This is a long video, about an hour. It takes a lot of time to expose a complex scheme. We highly recommend you take notes as you watch it – and then fact check it afterwards as we did. When you realize what’s really happening; from the presidential elections to the riots in our streets today – that all of it is being orchestrated by intelligence contractors run by former generals and intelligence directors – the blood should rightly drain from your face…

Finally, if you find the video has veracity – please, Please… send it along to others so as many people as possible will know what’s being done to us.



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