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Impeachment Bait and Switch

by Titus Corleone on 11/14/19


I once caught my youngest daughter literally with her hand in the cookie jar. She and her friend were sneaking out of the kitchen towards her bedroom with a jar of cookies.  When I asked what they thought they were doing, my girl looked at me with a straight face and blurted that her older brother just took a bunch himself to his room. After relieving them of the jar, I went to my son's room and discovered he had only gotten a glass of water.  My daughter pulled a classic bait and switch: I'm caught in the act; so I must redirect guilt onto my brother...  Think of my son as Trump and the Democrats as my daughter and her friend...

This is precisely what the Democrat party is doing with President Trump. Time and time again, they are caught with their hands in the proverbial Cookie Jar, and they squeal, "Trump Trump Trump!!!"

Where all of this started was the infamous dossier, which was initiated by the Democrat National Committee. A DNC attorney, Marc E. Elias, who represented both Hilary Clinton's campaign and the Democrat National Committee, accepted an offer by "Fusion GPS" who alleged they were digging up dirt on then candidate Donald Trump.  

It is important to understand that Fusion GPS is in the business of Opposition Research.  They were used by Republicans and Democrats alike during election cycles, but they crossed the line when hired by the Democrats to literally invent dirt on Donald Trump (before the election) and President Trump (after the election.)

Fusion GPS hired a former British intelligence functionary, Christopher Steele (really a liberal hack) with ties to Obama era officials such as FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, and NSA Director James Clapper. All of these men are Left Wing operatives - on their way out once Trump was elected.  And just to underscore the leanings of these Obama appointees: John Brennan was actually a card carrying member of the Communist Party.

So what did Christopher Steel's phony dossier allege?

1. Trump had a lurid sexual escapade in Russia...

2. Trump was offered billions of dollars in bribes by Russian officials. Forget that Trump is a self-made billionaire who doesn't need money...

3. That Trump... wait for it... here’s the big word....  "Colluded" with Russian officials to interfere in a U.S. national election; an electoral contest in which Trump’s opponent, Hilary Clinton, ran the worst campaign in U.S. election history...  Ah huh! 

The Fusion GPS dossier relied on Christopher Steele, as if he were a God.  It implied that he knew all the ins-and-outs and comings-and-goings of the Russian government; citing dubious sources such as "anonymous contributors," “trusted compatriots,” “knowledgeable sources,” “Shady former intelligence officers,” and other “unnamed Russian officials.”  The report implied that somehow Christopher Steel and his ragtag security firm had access to every top secret machination in the Russian government regarding Donald Trump. On the face of it, this was completely absurd, and whatever information Steel gathered was categorically false.

Before Trump was elected, these terrible men went to the FISA Court and lied to the presiding Judges alleging the dossier was a verified intelligence report instead of a concocted smear bought and paid for by the Democrat National Election Committee.  The judges fell for it and allowed the Deep State operatives to order wiretaps and conduct all sorts of other surveillance against the Trump campaign - including inserting operatives and wired tapes and taped phone conversations.  In short – they made Watergate look like a Cub Scout meet…

All of the allegations in the dossier  were proven false, and when Special Council Bob Mueller presented his final report to congress, he purposely made himself appear as a bumbling fool to give himself cover for what he must have known was coming - an investigation into the investigators.

So, the dossier goes down in flames. 

And worse yet, it comes out that Joe Biden, when he was Obama's Vice President - was tasked with heading up the diplomatic mission to the Ukraine.  And Biden got is son, Hunter, installed on the board of a pro-Russian Ukrainian energy company named Burisma. That would be seedy on the face of it, but looking at Hunter's resume; he was dishonorably discharged from the Navy for drug use; he could not speak the language; he knew nothing about the Ukraine; he had no connections there; and he had zero experience in the energy industry...  The mob would call this - "being greased in..." 

Then when the Ukrainians had an election and ousted Obama and Biden’s pro-Russian pals… They elected a conservative free enterprise government and that new government tasked one of their top prosecutors with looking into corruption in Ukrainian companies. That became a problem for Biden and Obama when one of the companies being investigated Burisma – where Biden’s son, Hunter, was installed on the board of Burisma.  

That was when Joe Biden threatened to rescind $700 million in Obama aid if the Ukrainian government refused to fire the prosecutor looking into Burisma. Now, there's your abuse of power; there's your quid pro quo; there's the strong arm of a sitting Vice President using Foreign Aid to force a weak country to fire an official looking into the company his son was raking in tens of thousands a month from.  Don't believe it? Watch Biden admit it himself.  Just remember that at that time, Biden thought Hilary Clinton would be soon be elected president and he would never have to explain his actions...

Okay, so the Democrat elites were caught with their hand in the cookie jar again, and they needed some cover quickly.  What to do...?  What to do...?  Following the example of my young daughter, they needed to redirect the public's attention by screaming wolf and pointing in a different direction. 

Enter the "Whistle Blower..."

The phony (once removed) Whistle-blower is Eric Ciaramella, a low level intelligence officer who sat in on the Trump’s call to the new president of the Ukraine, And afterward, Deep State operative Ciaramella was summoned by his masters in the Democrat Party to jinn up a fake accusation against Trump; falsely alleging that president did exactly what Biden actually did: Threaten the Ukraine. However, unlike Biden, Trump was innocent of the allegations and merely conducting his foreign policy, with a very friendly head of state - as any president has the right to do.

Hey, guess what? Presidents have the right to conduct foreign policy and the State Department and Intelligence services serve at his pleasure - NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND... And does it matter at all that just before this ridiculous debacle, the Democrats changed the Whistle-blower Rules? It used to be that only people with firsthand knowledge could blow the whistle. Not second hand fakes like ERIC CIARAMELLA, ERIC CIARAMELLA, ERIC CIARAMELLA, ERIC CIARAMELLA!!! There you have it - I said the little phony's name....

This is how a the Democrats use their Deep State connections to drag the nation through sham after endless sham in order to misdirect the public’s attention away from their own wrong-doing and incompetence…  Instead of the president being able to conduct foreign policy, we have the fake dossier. Instead of dealing with Immigration, we have the fake whistle-blower.  Instead of Trump being able to appoint judges; negotiate trade deals that favor the American worker – we have a jinned up impeachment proceeding that will go nowhere in the senate even if it makes it out of congress. Instead of accepting the election – the Democrats are conducting attack after baseless attack to hide Obama’s, Biden’s, and Hilary’s misdeeds!  The entrenched Deep State of life-long career government workers are doing everything to protect their masters in the Democrat party!

And I was close with a horrifying warning.  There are few lows the Democrat Deep State will not go to protect some of the most powerful people in the world.  Do you know who Seth Rich is?  He was a Democrat National Convention staffer murdered on his way to a meeting with the FBI regarding Hilary’s involvement in destroying servers and cell phones to hide her secrets and incompetence.  He was found dead with his wallet and valuables untouched – as a warning to others….  Do you know who Jeffrey Epstein was?  He owned an Island in the Caribbean that he turned into a Pedophile’s Paradise for powerful politicians seeking young children to have sex with. Bill Clinton was one of Epstein’s guests on that damned island.  When a Florida state trial of Epstein was “fixed” he was tried again by the federal government and locked up in a federal prison. Epstein was found in his cell dead.  Supposedly, two guards watching him fell asleep; the camera in his cell supposedly went dead; Epstein had bones in his neck that were crushed.  The inmates who heard his screams were silenced and transferred…  Of course, Snopes came right out claiming it was all lies (as they do with all Democrat dirt) because they’re DNC operatives. Never trust them. Never trust any mainstream media outlet.

This deep state was put in place by the Clinton’s and Obama. And the incompetent moron, George Bush Jr., turned a blind eye to it as he was probably part of it as well.  They are cornered; they are ruthless; they are threatened and Americans of good conscious must support President Trump against this attempted Coup and overthrow of a duly elected president put in place by the American people.  Even Franklin Delano Roosevelt admitted it was a grave mistake to allow unions and tenure in government. It is nearly impossible to fire these entrenched officials and if American is to avoid being ruled by a Roman Praetorian Guard, we must demand term limits; we must end tenure in all government offices (including the education system) and we must remove unions from all government agencies forever!

Trump has delivered the hottest economy in America’s history.  He has destroyed ISIS.  He has given us the lowest unemployment rates since they’ve been counting them. The highest minority employment in American history. Trump has brought back to American thousands of manufacturing jobs and trillions of investment dollars. American’s 401ks are soaring! Trump is renegotiating trillions of dollars in Trade Deals that favored the Deep State, and they will do anything to stop him.  Anything!  When this impeachment sham fails they may even try a hard coup attempt. And if so, we must be prepared to descend on Washington D.C. by the millions. Under the leadership of President Trump we finally have our chance! This is our chance for Main Street to overcome Wall Street and the Middle Class to overcome the entrenched power of corporations and the Deep State left entrenched in our government.  For God’s sake, wake up and serve your own interests for once. Don’t be duped by these Left Wing 5th Column monsters.

God Bless

Titus Corleone


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