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A Welcoming Letter to President Trump and Family

by Titus Corleone on 11/20/16

Dear President Trump and Family,

I want you to know how much America loves you and your family, and what a great relief it was to hear my wife cheering and jumping up and down on the morning after election day.  Frankly, I was so horrified at the possible alternative; I couldn’t even watch television the final two days before your historic victory. 

President Trump, you have given hope back to tens of millions of Americans who saw our great nation fading into oblivion.  Your energy and courage are simply amazing to behold, and I do not use the word lightly.  I believe I am a few years your junior, but I could never have matched your pace.  And as exhausted as I’m sure your were – you flew around the country and  sallied forth into battle, not only against your opponent, but  the media, and even our own party….  And you beat all of them. 

I can now breathe again. The nation is safe.  In the past two years I crafted over 36,000 Tweets, Facebook Posts, and Comments to various media publications, as well as talked to anyone who would listen (and a few who wouldn’t) taking every opportunity I could to try and get you elected, but I’m just one man in an army of 60 Million who fought hard for you.  However, putting all that in perspective:

Your job of Making America Great Again has just started – while all we have to do is go back to our jobs and watch things steadily improve.  I am a technologist, inventor and writer, and I might even be successful now because you are going to turn America’s economic engine back on.

I remain pledged to your service, as does nearly my entire family and we simply wish to send a blessing to you, Sir, and your entire family:

My God Protect, Guide, and Keep each and every one of you safe…

The Spirit of America cried out – and you answered… President Trump

Titus Corleone

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