Warrior Poet
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If you feel that something is seriously wrong with the direction America is going, then I am your poet. If you came up through elementary, middle, and high school knowing in your heart that many of the things your teachers were saying was flawed, then this book is for you. If you do not understand why most the media either ignores the important news, or manages it away, then know that I am their mocking jay, and I encourage you to become the new 4th Estate. 

Though you will find conservative ideology reverberating throughout the poems like transverse waves upon a reflecting pool, this is not just a book of political poetry. You will find comedy, tragedy, love, hope, and bitter disdain as well. I have assembled a ménage of observations into the human condition along with a soliloquy or two for your reading pleasure. Be forewarned that many of my poems are meant to read like a marching cadence because I truly believe that Christian Conservatives are at war with a powerful enemy for the soul of America. That said; you will indeed find the ride an emotional roller coaster.
"Troubling Entendres is my response to a maddened world… It is a scrolling marquee and I - the furious commentator." TC