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I love all sorts of people, and have enormous compassion for those struggling through life.  The solution is the American middle class – where all are welcome, white, native, black, brown... and our city of lights must be ferociously defended from enemies within and without.  

The Spirit of America still burns in the hearts of millions of us, and the soul propose of my writings is to encourage people to defend our legacy. 

My first book, Troubling Entendres, is a collection of poems that Christians and Conservatives will enjoy, and may use in their witness to others. I have upcoming efforts in fiction, politics, and more poetry. The Warrior Poet is a ménage of poems crafted as an all out assault on the Left. America II is a political guide addressing the dangerous path our leaders have placed us on. The Sixth Legion is my first effort at fiction. It is the first in a supernatural trilogy about a young Italian American man living on the west coast who discovers that his family is bound to the mafia, and the mob isn’t at all what the FBI thought... It is the quintessential struggle of good against evil. Finally, I will be releasing The Black Rose in 2016 which is the story of a group of teens in Marin county who are possessed by an evil force with horrifying results…

It is time for Christians and Conservatives to unite. Please try Troubling Entendres, and empower our effort by telling others… “Two if by sea,” shall we?

Titus Corleone

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